Nick Hartwright — CEO
Nick Hartwright is one of the UK's leading social entrepreneurs and a proponent of long-term, sustainable and holistic regeneration. He is also an ardent supporter of the arts and culture-based projects and wants to make them accessible to all. Nick is the founder of projekt. Through projekt, Nick is starting to change the way in which developers and landowners approach commercial and residential spaces in the built environment throughout the UK and Europe.

Nick is the founder of some of the most innovative regeneration and culture projects in the capital, including The Hotel Co. Project Ltd at Green Rooms arts hotel, the Soho Studio Project Ltd at 58 Old Compton Street, The Carlsberg Tetley Project Ltd at The Silver Building and The Gasworks Project Ltd at Clarendon Yards.
    Rahman Arshad — COO
    Rahman is a operations director and project manager. He sets up working processes for new sites alongside reviewing and refining processes in existing sites for better outputs. Rahman has expertise in creating relevant and engaging KPI's to drive success in both people and financials. Rahman also works closely with the finance team to enable accuracy of reporting and increase revenues.

    Rahman has 18 years experience in operations. He has successfully managed or overseen numerous hospitality sites throughout London from smaller individual sites through to large corporate central London sites.
    Joe Covill — Property
    Joe is an operations and project manager. He deals with all commercial agreements and company formalities and manages relations with investors and stakeholders. Joe is also involved in negotiating for new sites and general operations. He is interested in building communities and the collaborative working scene, as well as the creative, hospitality and retail sectors.

    Joe has a commercial property legal background. He was a partner at a leading law firm and has more than 20 years' experience in the field.
    Joel Davies — Culture
    Joel works closely with the GLA, local councils, tenants, developers and other partners to successfully deliver a variety of projects. His role also involves overseeing the companies cultural and events program, curating art exhibitions, festivals, brand launches and music events. His creative role is complex and requires flexibility and versatility, and his events generate significant revenue and real cultural capital. His role also includes marketing, communications and projekt's proposals and presentations.

    Joel has 20 years' experience in the music, arts and events industries. He has managed esteemed DJs, producers and record labels and run art exhibitions and festivals across the world.
      Justin Burt — Design
      Justin is projekt's in-house design director. He drives projekt's creative and utilitarian aesthetics and his role is all encompassing. As well as developing design concepts he works closely with architectural partners, engages contractors and oversees construction processes. He directs on-site design and constructions operations, manages build schedules and budgets, arranges for the provision of utilities and services, and procures unique and environmentally conscious materials and furniture for spaces. Justin ensures the occupiers love their spaces.

      He has over 20 years' experience in architectural and interior design where his main focus was renovating listed and period buildings.
      Mandeep Tutt — Project Manager
      Mandy comes from an events producer and operations director background. A culture and arts enthusiast, Mandy fosters and cements relationships with arts-focused businesses and institutions and maintains projekt's network of creative businesses. Mandy is the driving force behind The Soho Studio Project.

      Mandy has delivered a plethora of hugely successful high-profile events, exhibitions and showcases in recent years, including Latitude and Graduate Fashion Week and was community operations for The Mill Co. Project.
        Sylvia Dietz — Sales and Marketing
        Sylvia looks after sales & marketing and supports our international projects.

        She has worked for over twenty years in various management roles in sales & marketing, training and operations for small independent and large international hotel companies. In her spare time, she shares her experience with young entrepreneurs, volunteers for charities, supports community causes and organises fashion fundraising events and award ceremonies. Before coming to London, Sylvia lived and worked in
        Germany and Portugal.

        She previously led the pre-opening of our arts-led social enterprise hotel & hostel in North London, Green Rooms, and firmly established it in the local and internal marketplace. Building strong relationships and facilitating collaborations with leading arts organisations, creative businesses, the local community and stake holders in the corporate, leisure and travel industry has been instrumental to the success of the hotel.

        Her role includes marketing, communications and projekt's proposals and presentation.
        Tim Sawers — Finance
        Having spent 20 years in the oil & gas industry and a further 20 years in theatre, Tim has embarked on a portfolio career that encompasses charity work, restaurants, opera singing and working for This is Projekt.

        Despite a very varied career, his focus has always been on the financial and commercial aspects of the business and he brings over 20 years of financial management experience to the company.
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